About Lifeways

Lifeways offers a comprehensive array of behavioral health services. In Malheur County, services include help with issues related to mental and emotional health, developmental disabilities, substance use and problem gambling. In Umatilla County, services are limited to help with mental and emotional problems.


Lifeways began in 1964 as Malheur County Mental Health with 14 employees. Because we are rural (10,000 square miles, 32,000 people), prior to 1964 people had to seek services from a medical doctor, or travel to Portland, Oregon (400 miles), or Boise, Idaho (50 miles). In October of 1997 Malheur County Mental Health privatized and incorporated. It became Lifeways, Inc., moved to larger quarters and eventually began serving Umatilla County as well. LIfeways now employs more than 200 people in the two counties.

Lifeways' Mission Statement:

We will help people in our community achieve and maintain emotional well-being.

Our Staff:

To accomplish this mission, we maintain a qualified and professional staff, including psychiatrists, therapists, skills trainers, and case managers, who are trained to assess and respond to the individual needs of our clients. We provide our staff with knowledge through ongoing training, and broad and intensive opportunities for professional growth and advancement. We strive to maintain a friendly and efficient workplace that supports staff in providing creative, committed, and effective service to our clients.

Our Commitment:


Mental Health Services at Lifeways are based on the latest advances and best practices in the art and science of psychiatry, psychology, and mental health. We encourage professional excellence by providing our staff with ongoing opportunities for training and study necessary to remain abreast of new developments and best practices. We maintain a rigorous quality assurance and quality improvement process to ensure that our clinical practice is appropriate, effective, and in line with accepted national standards and the state of the art.


We provide our clients with appointments and services in ways and at times that are convenient for them. We are committed to responding to all new requests for services with appointments within two weeks of an initial request. We maintain a walk-in clinic to ensure that clients experiencing acute distress receive immediate care. Mental health crisis assessment and intervention services by qualified mental health professionals are available twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, by calling (541) 889-9167 if you live in Malheur County or (541) 276-6207 if you live in Umatilla County.


We are committed to ensuring that our services are affordable to everyone who needs them. Lifeways is the Oregon Health Plan provider for Malheur County. Services covered under the Oregon Health Plan are provided to enrollees without cost to the client. Lifeways accepts most forms of insurance and we help clients determine whether or not their insurance will cover part or all of the cost of services. For those with no insurance or inadequate insurance coverage, we provide discounted rates based on family income and are willing to arrange easy payment plans or work on a pro bono basis to ensure that no person is denied essential services.


The Mental Health Services staff of Lifeways adheres to the highest standard ethical professional conduct. Our Code of Ethical Conduct is designed to protect clients from harm and to ensure that they receive the services they need in ways that respect their human dignity and individual rights. A copy of the Code of Ethical Conduct is available at the reception desk.


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