Medication Assisted Treatment Program Expectations

We are here to help with opioid addiction.

While considering treatment, it is helpful to understand the following program expectations:

  • You must comply with regular drug testing.
  • You must work the 12 steps and attend regular counseling sessions.
  • You must bring the NA/AA attendance log with you to every MAT Med Management appointment.
  • You will bring the prescription bottle of Suboxone® to every Med Management appointment.
  • You must not take benzodiazepines or drink alcohol while on Suboxone®.
  • What is a benzodiazepine?

Gain the willingness to recover.
Medication Assisted Treatment is NOT used for detox. Full program commitment is required.

See more detailed information about our Medication Assisted Treatment program HERE.

Are you ready for Medication Assisted Treatment?

Are you ready to be completely invested in your recovery?

Are you ready to obtain a sponsor, attend AA/NA meetings at least 3 times per week, and seek weekly counseling sessions?

Are you willing to refrain from alcohol and benzodiazepine use?

Are you willing to go without your drug of choice to be in moderate withdrawal for your induction appointment?

See details regarding the Induction Process HERE.