Resilience Education And Community Health


The REACH Program works in partnership with Greater Oregon Behavioral Health, Inc. (GOBHI) and Umatilla County School Administrators to provide school-based mental health services for students who have emotional and behavioral challenges. These services can help provide relief from short-term symptoms and prevent long-term problems related to academic performance, difficulties with social and emotional issues, personal relationships, and family concerns.

REACH Staff aim to provide support and strategies to help improve the youths’ abilities to cope with the social, emotional, and family issues which would allow them to then be present in class, engage in learning, and increase positive learning environments. REACH is currently partnered with 8 school districts in Umatilla County. Per this investment, there are 34 schools receiving services for the 2016-2017 school year. Services are based on unique student demographics and needs. Services include assessment, intervention, consultation, skill building, and training.


REACH referrals are made by a school staff member (i.e. teacher, counselor, principal) and/or community partner. All services are voluntary in nature and youth are allowed to decline participation in REACH.

  • Level 1: Referrals are for students who would benefit from a mental health assessment and/or individual counseling services.
  • Level 2: Referrals are designated for students who would benefit from a mental health assessment and/or individual counseling services.
  • Level 3: Children who may need a higher level of care will be referred to the outpatient program located near the school where the student attends for assessment and recommendations.

REACH Contact Information

Lifeway’s REACH Staff 2016-2017
Antonio Martinez, QMHA | CADC
REACH Milton-Freewater/Athena
Carolyn Rhinhart, QMHP
REACH Milton-Freewater/Pendleton
Pam Fisher, QMHA
Sarah Harris, MSW | QMHP
REACH Echo/Stanfield
Lindsey Fuchs, MSW | QMHP
REACH Hermiston
Jacqueline Williams, MSW | QMHP
REACH Hermiston/Umatilla
Norman Valdez, QMHA
REACH Hermiston/Umatilla
Joe Dyer, QMHA
REACH Hermiston
Jovanna Centre, BS
REACH Program Supervisor
Phone 541.276.6207

* To get in touch with your district REACH staff member, please email them or contact the Hermiston or Pendleton Lifeways office. Most staff members carry cell phones and it is Lifeways policy that personal cell phone numbers are not released to clients.


Erin Rust, MA
School Based Program Coordinator, GOBHI
Statewide MHFA Project Coordinator and Trainer
Phone: 541-298-2101×1442 or 541-397-0542
Fax: 541-298-7996
Lifeway’s Office Locations
Hermiston Lifeways Office Pendleton Lifeways Office Umatilla County Crisis
Phone: 541.567.2536 Phone: 541.276.6207 Phone: 541.240.8030
Fax: 541.567.2362 Fax: 541.276.4628 Fax: 541.429.8777