Umatilla Facility Services

Mental Health Counseling

There are many counselors available to you through Lifeways, for any problem imaginable. They are all qualified, Masters level therapists, and many have specialties.

Psychiatric Services

Lifeways has medical staff that works closely with the mental health counselors to deliver appropriate services, prescribe and manage medication and make referrals. These include Nurse Practitioners, Registered Nurses and Licensed Practical Nurses.

Community Support Services (CSS)

Community Support Services (CSS) assists seriously and persistently mentally ill people with daily living functions. These can include financial management, employment, transportation, medication management, housing and more. Services are developed according to the needs of the client.

Intensive Children’s Treatment (ICTS)

Children who are at risk of being hospitalized can remain in the community and receive services through the ICTS program. Using Community Resource Teams, all agencies and people important to the child and child's family come together regularly to coordinate plans and treatment. This approach has a better treatment outcome and maintains the child's connection to the community and the people important to the child.


There are many groups offered at Lifeways. It's best to call the office and ask if there is a group addressing your particular need.

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