Aspen Springs Psychiatric Hospital

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1212 W Linda Ave. Hermiston OR. 97838 
Phone: (541)289-2340
Fax: (541)289-2341


  • Med Management 

  • Therapy

  • Skills Training

  • Activity Therapy

  • Support in Community Integration

As part of our mission as a non-profit, comprehensive behavioral health organization, Lifeways, Inc. built a 16-bed, adult, psychiatric acute care hospital in Hermiston to serve Eastern Oregon. Aspen Springs Psychiatric Hospital is located near the Good Shepherd Health Care campus, allowing Lifeways to provide care for those experiencing severe and persistent mental health challenges no matter their entry point into the health care system.

Patients will receive high-quality, individualized care in a state-of the-art facility designed to provide a safe place for psychiatric recovery and stabilization. Patients receive 24-hour supervision and on-call emergency coverage close to home and family supports. Services include medication management, therapy, skills training, activity therapy, and support in community reintegration. Our goal is to provide access to mental health care for all members of our community.

Lifeways, Inc. serves the Eastern Oregon communities by offering a wide-range of brief to high-intensity outpatient, crisis, and residential services for individuals suffering from behavioral health disruptions. We partner with community agencies in ensuring access to safety-net services which improve lives and keep communities healthy and vibrant.  Lifeways seeks to improve outcomes, reduce costs of care, and create services that are desirable and truly helpful to patients and their families.

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