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1212 W Linda Ave. Hermiston OR. 97838 
Phone: (541)289-2340
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  • Med Management 

  • Therapy

  • Skills Training

  • Activity Therapy

  • Support in Community Integration

Rates: $1500.00 all inclusive per day

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As part of our mission as a non-profit, comprehensive behavioral health organization, Lifeways, Inc. built a 16-bed, adult, psychiatric acute care hospital in Hermiston to serve Eastern Oregon. Aspen Springs Psychiatric Hospital is located near the Good Shepherd Health Care campus, allowing Lifeways to provide care for those experiencing severe and persistent mental health challenges no matter their entry point into the health care system.

Patients will receive high-quality, individualized care in a state-of the-art facility designed to provide a safe place for psychiatric recovery and stabilization. Patients receive 24-hour supervision and on-call emergency coverage close to home and family supports. Services include medication management, therapy, skills training, activity therapy, and support in community reintegration. Our goal is to provide access to mental health care for all members of our community.

Lifeways, Inc. serves the Eastern Oregon communities by offering a wide-range of brief to high-intensity outpatient, crisis, and residential services for individuals suffering from behavioral health disruptions. We partner with community agencies in ensuring access to safety-net services which improve lives and keep communities healthy and vibrant.  Lifeways seeks to improve outcomes, reduce costs of care, and create services that are desirable and truly helpful to patients and their families.

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Meet the Team


Jana Flatau 

She is the Administrator and Director of Nursing at Aspen Springs Psychiatric Hospital in Hermiston! Jana started her career in psych approximately 20 years ago when she worked at the Eastern Oregon Adolescent Multi-Treatment Center. From there, Jana went to Nursing school and once she graduated knew that her one true calling was Psych. She was hired as a new grad at Blue Mountain Recovery Center, a 60 bed State Hospital in Pendleton, Oregon where she worked for 5 years as an RN on the floor eventually becoming the Nurse Manager for another 5 years. In 2014, the hospital was closed and tore down, shifting her career slightly. She then went to work at Eastern Oregon Correctional Institute for 4 years.
Jana attended Blue Mountain Community College where she earned her Associates degree in Science while also graduating with high honors! She then went on to earn her Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing from Western Governors University
During the time Jana was at EOCI an RA from McNary Place also worked for her dad at Wildhorse. She told Jana’s Dad that she needed to apply for a position at Aspen Springs. Her first love has always been psych and this was a great opportunity for her to get back to what she loved to do. Jana was hired on as the Clinical Coordinator for Aspen Springs in December of 2017. Jana has always said, when you love what you do, work doesn’t feel like “work”. Jana says she loves what she gets to do every single day and joins the rest of Lifeways and the community in being excited for what Aspen Springs can do for the community

Wednesday, April 7, 2021

Announcement:  Aspen Springs to Close as a Psychiatric Hospital


The Lifeways, Inc. team has committed a great amount of resource into constructing and opening Aspen Springs Hospital in Hermiston, Oregon.  Since our opening in September of 2020, Lifeways has had the honor of serving over 75 individuals from across Oregon. Through patient-centered care and teamwork Lifeways has been successful in transitioning these individuals back to their homes and communities. However, despite this great work and ample examples of our success with patients at Aspen Springs, the realities of COVID-19 and the healthcare worker shortage, especially for rural hospital level licensure and credentialing, creates an unsustainable situation. 


With the full support of our Board of Directors, Lifeways has made the difficult but realistic decision to close Aspen Springs as an acute care psychiatric hospital. Aspen Springs Hospital will formally close as a hospital at midnight, April 8, 2021.


Lifeways continues to work with Oregon Health Authority in pursuit of an alternative level of care for Aspen Springs that is more aligned with healthcare worker availability, and we will continue our effective partnerships in the community to align Aspen Springs with the needs of the communities.


We appreciate all the support we have received from partners at all levels of care and community in Umatilla County and throughout the state. Lifeways remains dedicated, even in these unpredictable times, to those needing a care team to walk by their side on their journey back to health and wellness. Thank you for your continued support during this transition.


Lifeways is required to inform the public of the steps to take in instances where a patient records request is needed for patients served while Aspen Springs was licensed as a psychiatric hospital. Any former Aspen Springs hospital patient can obtain their records by contacting:


Julie Hyslop

Medical Records Supervisor

Lifeways, Inc.

702 Sunset Drive

Ontario, OR 97914



For any further questions, please contact:

Liz Johnsen

Chief Operations Officer