Malheur County Community Developmental Disabilities Program 

Program Services

Eligibility Determination

· Eligibility Intake

· Record Review

· Administrative Exam Coordination

· Eligibility Redeterminations

Residential Services

· Adult Foster Homes

· Children’s Foster Homes

· 24 hr. Adult Residential Homes

· Supported Living Services

· Crisis Referral for Eligible Individuals

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Case Management

Service Coordinators assist with Person-Centered-Planning and implementation of services for individuals served by the CDDP through coordination with local, state and human service agencies, and other providers as appropriate to meet the needs & goals of the individual.

Vocational Services

We work with local agencies that provide supervised work experience, including Employment Path, Day Support Activity (DSA), community-based work and job coaching based on the individual’s needs & goals.

Other Services Available Include

· Family Support & Education

· Community Support & Education

· Crisis Diversion

· Protective Services

· Skills Training

· Personal Support Worker Coordination & Services (PSW)

· Adult & Child Foster Home Licensor/Certification & Monitoring

· Oregon Needs Assessment (ONA)

· Direct Referral Coordination