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COVID-19 Information & Services 

COVID-19 continues to impact our communities. Lifeways is here to help by offering services that are safe, secure and convenient.

We understand that COVID-19 is taking a significant toll on mental health as well. Issues such as loss of employment or a change in work, changes in education and learning, family dynamics, social isolation and substance use are all putting pressure on the overall health and wellness of adults and children. It has also created obstacles for people already coping with mental health and substance use disorders.


Lifeways has implemented a number of processes in order to meet these growing needs. These processes include facility cleaning, physical distancing and protective clothing, including masks. As a behavioral health provider with outpatient and residential facilities, Lifeways makes every effort to ensure our clients and our providers have safe access to services.

At Lifeways:

· Our outpatient locations are open and operating

· We provide telehealth services, including assessments, therapy sessions, case management, medication management and pharmaceutical services as needed

· The Lifeways Crisis Center and crisis teams are operational

· Group and individual substance use disorder (SUD) services are available

· Community-based services are being provided where schools are open

Please contact us at the numbers below with any questions you might have before coming in for services.

Ontario, Oregon: 541-889-9167    |    Caldwell, Idaho: 208-454-2766

For your overall health and wellness, stay informed about the levels of COVD-19 in your community. Click a state below for more information. 

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