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Malheur County CDDP 

Malheur County Community Developmental Disabilities Program at Lifeways

Program Services


Eligibility Determination:

· Eligibility Intake

· Record Review

· Administrative Exam Coordination

· Eligibility Redeterminations

Case Management

Service Coordinators assist with Person-Centered-Planning and implementation of services for individuals served by the CDDP through coordination with local, state and human service agencies, and other providers as appropriate to meet the needs & goals of the individual.

Residential Services

· Adult Foster Homes

· Children’s Foster Homes

· 24 hr. Adult Residential Homes

· Supported Living Services

· Crisis Referral for Eligible Individuals

Vocational Services

We work with local agencies that provide supervised work experience, including Employment Path, Day Support Activity (DSA), community-based work and job coaching based on the individual’s needs & goals.

Other Services Available Include:

· Family Support & Education

· Community Support & Education

· Crisis Diversion

· Protective Services

· Skills Training

· Personal Support Worker Coordination & Services (PSW)

· Adult & Child Foster Home Licensor/Certification & Monitoring

· Oregon Needs Assessment (ONA)

· Direct Referral Coordination


For more information on Lifeways' CDDP Program please contact Leanne Swetland, the CDDP Program Manager

Therapeutic Services at Lifeways Hospital

The the overarching purpose of our therapeutic program is to provide resources for coping skills that reflect individual patient needs in a group setting. It is also designed to offer additional social support amongst peers and deliver skills training to utilize in conjunction with medications. There are several patient stories that stick out, but one of my favorites was a postpartum mother who was struggling and needed additional mental health treatment. I lead a creative arts therapy group where the patients were encouraged to draw how they view their mental health. I could tell that the process of creating something was therapeutic for this patient and that she was able to express her emotions in a safe and healthy way. It's very rewarding to see the positive change in patients when they first admit and when they discharge. 


-Sarah Bodily, Director of Recreation Therapy at Lifeways Hospital

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