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McNary Place transitions to full time PSRB facility

For the past 17 years McNary place has served as a hybrid of an SRTF as well as a PSRB. PSRB stands for Psychiatric Security Review Board which oversaw 10 of the pre-existing beds. The individuals that fall under PSRB are not guilty of a crime due to mental illness during crime. They stay at McNary and slowly reintegrate back into the community. McNary is the largest PSRB facility in Eastern Oregon. 

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Lifeways continues and expands Idaho School-Based Services 

Over the past few years, Lifeways has provided services to a handful of different schools in the Western Treasure Valley. Parma & Homedale are the school districts Lifeways has clinicians providing services. CASA & Elevate are middle-high schools that run independently, Lifeways provides services here as well. Individual therapy is the main service provided at these schools, with groups offered as needed and at the request of the schools. 

With summer upon us, these services will be continuing throughout unimpeded to ensure the students & families in need are taken care of. 

For more information regarding school-based services in Idaho, please contact the Caldwell Outpatient Office at 208.454.2766