Lifeways Recovery Center


686 NW 9th St.

Ontario, OR 97914 

Phone: 541-889-2490

Fax: 541-207-1583


Monday: 8am- 5pm

Tuesday: 8am-5pm

Wednesday: 8am-5pm 

Thursday: 8am-5pm

Friday: 8m-5pm

Facilties are open 24/7 for clients

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Lifeways Recovery Center (LRC) - Our philosophy is that recovery from addiction is possible and treatment requires a comprehensive approach which is client-centered, strength based, and addresses the individual’s over all well-being. Our program is based on the American Medical Association’s definition of addiction as a chronic, progressive, primary illness affecting the physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being of the individual and family. LRC is a co-occurring facility to address the needs of both addiction and mental health using evidenced-based curriculum.


Our program and staff work hard with each individual to find the inner strength and motivation to make changes for a healthier life with goals, hopes, and dreams. Staff is caring and dedicated to the process of helping individuals change their behaviors and learn the skills to be successful when they return to their families and communities


Lifeways Recovery Center is a 30-bed residential substance abuse program in Ontario, Oregon with dorm-style rooms. The typical length of stay in our program is 90 days, but varies based on clients’ needs and progress. We encourage and support our clients with nicotine cessation while enrolled in treatment.

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What to expect at Lifeways Recovery Center


The following items are required to complete your referral request:

  • LRC Client Intake Form

  • Recent Substance Use Disorder (SUD) Assessment and ASAM (must've been completed within the last 30 days

  • Signed Release of Information (ROI)

The following items are not required at time of referral, but are helpful to expedite the referral process and may be requested by LRC staff:

  • Current Medication List

  • Most Recent Mental Health Assessment

  • Most Recent Psychiatric Assessment 

  • Date of last Tuberculosis (TB) Test

  • Date of last physical


  • Person-centered and individualized approach to treatment

  • Personally, tailored treatment plans

  • Individual counseling

  • Group therapy

  • Recreation therapy  Psychiatric services

  • Individual mental health counseling

  • Community integration

  • 12-step meetings

  • Monitored detoxification from meth, prescription drugs, and heroin

  • Comprehensive Withdrawal Management services for its residents using a Social Detox model

  • Medication assisted treatment services


  • 10 Withdrawal Management Beds (5 men/5 women)

  • 20 Residential Beds
    (10 men/10 women)  

  • 2 Living Rooms  

  • Commercial Kitchen  

  • Dining Room  

  • Laundry Area  

  • Group Room  

  • Family Space  

  • Shared Bathrooms  

  • Recreation Area


We encourage healthy leisure activities and provide outings that include shopping, walking, cooking, exercise, and local community activities. Web-based church services are available on Sundays. Clients can choose to take part in volunteering in the community including community service time if needed. Clients have the option to attend webbased Narcotics Anonymous (NA) and/or Alcoholic Anonymous (AA) meetings. Currently, face-to-face visitation is limited; however, we encourage and support web-based family visitations


6AM           Wake up

7AM           Breakfast

8-12AM      Classes

12PM         Lunch

1-2PM        Classes

2-4PM        Recreation

4-5PM        Classes

6-7PM        Dinner

7-8PM        Peer-led Support Groups, Chores

10PM         Bed**



*At Lifeways Recovery Center we have two wings, each with its own group of residents. To accommodate each wing, separate times for breakfast, lunch and dinner are scheduled, one time for each wing; wings alternate schedules each week.

** Lights out at 10:30 pm. Chores are assigned individually.


• Seeking Safety

• Relapse Prevention: Motivation for Change/ Unlock your Thinking

Helping Men/Women Recover

• Parenting

• Thinking for a Change

• Smoking Cessation

• Empowerment

• Essential Life Skills

• Healthy Relationships

• Co-Occurring



• Saturday: Groups & Skill Building Activities

• Sunday: Spiritual Growth Opportunities & 12-Step


  •  Our desire is to provide an uninterrupted recovery environment

  •  All belongings are searched and inventoried upon arrival. If you arrive with more belongings than can be accommodated, they will be sorted and returned with your transport

  •  No computer or personal electronic devices will be admitted; you may bring a single cell phone for use during scheduled times. 

  •  Storage is limited. Transport companies and Greyhound are limiting bags to 2 carry-ons

  •  If you have any active prescriptions, please bring a 30-day supply of your medication to ensure that you do not run out while in treatment; bubble packs are recommended. LRC will help facilitate any necessary refills.


Clients are assigned a small dresser of three (3) drawers to store all belongings; all belongings must fit in the space provided. Any items which do not fit will be sent home at the client’s cost. No revealing clothing is allowed: tank tops, short-shorts, short-shirts. No cleavage (front or rear). No clothing with gang signs, gang colors, explicit language, or wording. No drug, alcohol, tobacco wording or logos


  • 3 pairs of shoes

  • Jacket/Coat/Sweatshirts/Sweaters

  • 5 pairs of bottoms

  • 2 pairs of shorts (no more than 2" above knee

  • 5 pairs of underwear 

  • 5 shirts

  • 5 pairs of socks 

  • 2 sets of pajamas

  • 3 bras/sports bras

  • Belt (no studs or chains)

  • 2 hats/caps (must be appropriate


Any special items due to sensitivities or allergies must be supplied by client. Aerosols (of any kind), products containing alcohol, and glass containers will not be permitted

  • Comb/Brush, hair accessories 

  • Hair Podcasts

  • Lotion, Body spray (no heavily scented items)

  • Shaving Cream (lotion or gel)

  • Make-up items (no glass containers; must be sealed)

  • Hair dryer/straightener/curling iron

  • Q-tips (small baggie)

  • Books

  • Toothbrush, toothpaste, denture adhesive

  • Alcohol-Free mouth wash

  • Razors/clippers/Tweezers/Nail clippers/Nail file (these items will be checked out by staff as needed)

  • Deodorant (no aerosols)

  • Face wash

  • Feminine Hygiene Products

  • Money


  • Long-distance phone card

  • Land-line phone card

  • Nicotine Patches (if applicable) 

  • Stamps

  • Envelopes

  • Empty Journal/Notebook/Paper/Binder

  • Pens/Pencils/Highlighters

*if you are homeless, we will help with initial hygiene products and arrange for clothing and personal items


We have a zero-tolerance policy regarding what NOT to bring or wear in our residential community and ask that you respect everyone’s space and recovery environment. The following items are not permitted:

  • Bandanas

  • Short, sheer, or revealing clothing

  • Bottled/canned drinks of any kind

  • Personal Pillows, blankets, stuffed animals, towels (LRC will provide all linens)

  • No electronic or battery operated devices, including: iPads/tablets, laptops, eReaders/Kindles, etc. 

  • Sleeveless shirts/tank tops

  • Clothing with offensive language or graphics

  • Aerosol cans or hair dyes 


Recently Lifeways Recovery Center's kitchen underwent a facelift to provide a clean and safe place for our clients to get their meals. See below the before and after! 

After Renovations 


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Before Renovations

Photo Apr 02, 10 51 29 AM
Photo Apr 02, 10 51 29 AM

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Photo Apr 02, 10 50 14 AM
Photo Apr 02, 10 50 14 AM

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Photo Apr 02, 10 47 44 AM
Photo Apr 02, 10 47 44 AM

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Photo Apr 02, 10 51 29 AM
Photo Apr 02, 10 51 29 AM

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