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The following resources have been compiled by the staff at Lifeways as a courtesy meant to help educate and inform individuals. Please note that these articles and assessments cannot substitute for the actual guidance or diagnosis of a true mental health professional and should not be relied upon for treatment or medical advice.

Resource Phone List

  • Lifeways 24 Hour Crisis Line: 541-823-9050

  • Malheur County Prevention Coalition: 541-889-9167

  • Department of Human Services Child Abuse Hotline: 541-877-5081

  • Malheur County Juvenile Department: 541-473-5101

  • Project DOVE Domestic Violence Crisis Line: 1-800-889-2000

  • Oregon Food Bank – Southeast Oregon Services: 541-889-9206

  • Community in Action: 541-889-9555

  • The Family Place: 541-889-1050

  • Veteran Advocates of Ore-Ida: 541-889-1978

  • Boys & Girls Club of the Western Treasure Valley: 541-889-7979

  • Malheur Education Service District: 541-473-3138

  • National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: 1-800-273-8255

  • National Problem Gambling Hotline: 1-877-695-4648

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