Stepping Stones Intensive Outpatient Program

Stepping Stones is committed to helping individuals achieve mental and emotional balance through personalized care and a structured, supportive environment.

8050 W Northview St., Boise, ID 83704

Phone: 208.982.1958

Fax: 208.567.2578

Stepping Stones is a specialized intensive outpatient program designed for adults who struggle with severe and persistent mental illness.  This program is designed for those whose symptoms are not well managed at a standard outpatient level of care. Stepping Stones may be utilized as a either a stepdown program from inpatient or partial hospitalization or as a step-up level of care for community members needing additional support to manage their symptoms. Stepping Stones offers individual counseling, medication management, and group classes including education, skill building, processing, and family support groups. Groups run for three hours in the afternoon three days per week for the standard track. Lower intensity maintenance tracks are also available for those who have graduated from the program. Stepping Stones allows individuals the flexibility to remain active members of the community while receiving structured mental health support.

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