Systems of Care/Wraparound

What is a system of care?

A spectrum of effective, community-based services and supports for children and youth with or at risk for mental health or other challenges and their families, that is organized into a coordinated network, builds meaningful partnerships with families and youth, and addresses their cultural and linguistic needs, in order to help them to function better at home, in school, in the community, and throughout life. Systems of care are

family driven and youth guided, community based, and culturally and linguistically competent.

What is Wraparound?

Wraparound is a collaborative, team-based, principles-driven planning process. Through the Wraparound process, teams create one individualized plan of care to meet the needs, and improve the lives, of multi-system involved youth and their families. The strengths and needs of the child and family determine the types and mix of services and supports provided.

Who is eligible for Wraparound services?

  • Youth age 17 and under

  • Youth is Medicaid eligible (Oregon Health Plan)

  • Youth is multi-system involved; mental health, child welfare, juvenile justice, intellectual and developmental disabilities, medical, school (IEP/504 plans)

  • Youth and family/guardian are willing to engage in the Wraparound process; Wraparound is a voluntary process and not a mandatory service

  • Care coordination needs cannot be met by other system partners

Who can refer a child or youth for Wraparound services?

Anyone can make a referral for Wraparound services. A youth or family can refer themselves, and any community partner can make a referral (school, pediatrician, DHS, juvenile department, etc.). You will find a copy of our referral form below. The referral form provides contact information for our offices in Malheur and Umatilla County; you can fax, email, or drop off the form at a county office. In Malheur County you can email referrals to; in Umatilla County you can email referrals to