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Lifeways offers a comprehensive array of behavioral health services. In Malheur County, services include help with issues related to mental and emotional health, developmental disabilities, substance use and problem gambling. In Umatilla County, services are limited to help with mental and emotional problems.

Mental Health Services

Drug & Alcohol Residential Service

Drug & Alcohol Outpatient Service

Prevention Services

Supported Employment and Education

Developmental Disability Services

Community Support Services

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How to Seek Help

Seeking help for problems can be difficult and confusing. Most people at some time in their lives will experience a significant event that will make them question their ability to adequately cope with life. Many people live with symptoms and never seek treatment. Not knowing where to turn to get help and what to expect from treatment are major barriers to seeking help. Lifeways is dedicated to providing services that are culturally-sensitive and individualized to meet the specific needs of each person.

Alcohol Inventory

Gambling Behavior

Anxiety Inventory

Depression Inventory

Lifeways, Inc supports and participates with the National Health Service Corps (NHSC).

Our Ontario and Pendleton sites are NHSC certified.

Lifeways will not deny services due to inability to pay.  We also offer a sliding fee schedule when needed.

Lifeways | Mental Health Services in Malheur & Umatilla Oregon