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Help is here. Outpatient and inpatient services available for your overall health.

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National Health Service Corps site
Idaho Association of Community Providers Site

Lifeways Accepts major Insurance providers as well as Medicare, Medicaid and Childrens Health Insurance Plan (CHIP). For more information please give us a call.

As a National Health Service Corps site, WE PROMISE TO:

• Serve all patients
• Offer discounted fees for patients who qualify
• Not deny services based on a person's:
Race, Color, Sex, National origin, Disability, Religion, Sexual orientation, Ability to pay

The Idaho Association of Community Providers (IACP) includes mental health providers, developmental disabilities agencies, addiction counseling and treatment advocates, and supported living organizations. IACP interacts with various public agencies, funding sources, and policy making bodies in order to maximize the effectiveness of treatment and services. 


At Lifeways, we know our clients and staff have their own life paths. We recognize your background, and traditions offer unique, individual insight, opinions, and ideas.  It is this individuality that we welcome and celebrate.  Diversity is the spark that ignites a new way of thinking that develops an understanding, leading to growth, and ultimately to success – for both the organization as a whole and the individual.  

Diversity, equity, and inclusion advocacy requires the ongoing examination of all Lifeways activities. We seek to identify the barriers and challenges to diversity, equity, and inclusion. We advocate for any and all needed changes that aid in making every person feel welcome, wanted, valued, and partnered with for their success. 

Lifeways welcomes clients and staff from all walks of life regardless of race/ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender identity, religion, disability or anything that makes us different. We embrace your authentic self and will continue to support all members of our community in their own journeys. 


Lifeways – where diversity and inclusion is our vehicle in our Journey to Always

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