Lifeways Inc. provides comprehensive behavioral health services to achieve and maintain mental and emotional health and well-being. We provide individual, couples, family, and group therapy for children and adults as well as treatment for substance use disorders and intellectual and developmental disabilities.


The following assessments have been put together by the staff at Lifeways as a courtesy intended to help educate and inform. They are best used as a starting point for discussing symptoms and feelings with a medical professional.


As a public service, we have compiled a list of helpful phone numbers and links to other valuable information.

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Why Choose Lifeways?

Proud National Health Service Corps site
Idaho Association of Community Providers Site

Lifeways Accepts major Insurance providers as well as Medicare and Medicaid. For more information please give us a call.

As a National Health Service Corps site, WE PROMISE TO:

• Serve all patients
• Offer discounted fees for patients who qualify
• Not deny services based on a person's:
Race | Color | Sex | National origin | Disability | Religion | Sexual orientation | Ability to pay
• Accept insurance, including: Medicaid | Medicare | Children's Health Insurance Program (CHIP)

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